3 simple tips on how to write an essay in English

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1. Compile a glossary of terms.

This is an interesting approach to writing an essay. First, select a topic and write the main thesis. The thesis is the main argument in your essay. For example, if you write on the topic of “reading,” your thesis might look like this: “Reading makes you smarter”.

Now that you have a thesis, think about the main topic of the essay and find a vocabulary that is associated with it differently. Then fill up your list with words that are only indirectly related to your topic.

For the above example, such a list of vocabulary may include the following words: “books”, “reading” and “intelligent”. Other words that are indirectly related to the topic – for example, “Harry Potter”, “reading by a fire” and “test scores”.

This lesson will help expand vocabulary. Not immediately, of course, but it will help. Using all these words in the essay, you will also make it more colorful and lively.

2. Imagine you are working as a reporter.

When you have just received an essay, try to fully explore the materials for your thesis. Ask questions. Show curiosity. The more questions you ask before you start writing, the more information you can use in your essay.

A good essay is an essay in which several topics are succinctly and briefly covered. If you act like a reporter, you’ll have quotes, sources, and vocabulary to help you start writing.

For example, if you are writing about a new diet, you can ask questions like “Who is most suitable for this diet?”, “How to start this diet?” And “What is the most difficult part of the diet?”

3. Come up with introductory sentences.

The introductory sentence is the first sentence of a paragraph; it briefly describes the meaning of the entire paragraph. You can write such sentences first, so as not to stray from the mainstream while writing an essay.

For the thesis “Reading makes you smarter”, the introductory sentence of one of the paragraphs can be the following: “Newspapers make more aware of current events”. Another introductory sentence may sound like: “Reading literature and classic literature will be more cultured.”

If you write about the three main problems that modern writers face, you can write three complete sentences, each of which would describe one problem. Put these records aside. Then, when you start writing an essay, go back to your introductory sentences to create a coherent structure that begins with point 1 and ends with point 3.