Classification Essay

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Before you start writing an essay, look at the following questions. Answers to them will allow you to more clearly define what is worth writing in the essay:

When touching on your personal qualities or abilities in an essay, ask yourself:

Am I different in quality from those I know?

What is the quality of this?

About the activities you did (engaged in):

What made me do this kind of activity?

Why did I keep doing this?

Every event in your life that you mentioned:

Why do I remember this particular event?

Did it change me as a person?

How did I respond to this?

was it a revelation to me; What I had never suspected?

About each person you mentioned:

Why did I call this person?

Do I strive to become like him?

What qualities do I admire?

Has something been said to them that I will remember all my life?

Did I reconsider my views?

About each of your preferences and what you don’t like:

Why do I like it or not?

Has this circumstance largely affected my life?

About your every failure:

What did I learn as a result?

What have I learned from this situation?

Classification Essay

In terms of content, essays are: philosophical, literary critical historical, artistic, artistic and journalistic, spiritual and religious, etc.

According to the literary form, the essay appears as: reviews, lyric miniatures, notes, diary pages, letters, etc.

There are also essays: descriptive, narrative, reflexive, critical, analytical, etc.

In this case, based on the compositional features of the work, made in the genre of the essay.

Finally, the classification of the essay into two large groups is proposed:

personal, subjective essay, where the main element is the disclosure of one or another side of the author’s personality,

objective essay, where the personal beginning is subject to the subject of description or some idea.

The essay of a young specialist on a specific topic belongs to the second group.